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    i asked him for a moment, “hey little boy, do you have any friends?” and you now what he said to me? he said “what friends? yeah i have a lot of friends in my school” yeah good answered i think. i asked him for a second time  ”really? do you have friends in yor school? seriously? so tell me about them” and he cried he just cried, he didn’t answer my question.. and then i asked him “why are you crying little boy?” “i remember my first day i went to school, i saw many people and my mama said “hey boy this is your school, and all human in this place is your friends now” he said. and i asked him “so? is it important for me?” and this little boy said “my mama lied to me, yeah they are my friend, but they are stabs a knife everyday in my back, and i felt so sad i’m abut to die, i miss my mother i miss my home, i miss my true friend in my bedroom, yeah my teddy bear, that my daddy gave to me when i was a child, but now he’s gone, i never mett him after that day, i felt so sad i’m really sad. i just think, ‘why god gave this life for me, i can’t handle my life, i’m hurt.i hate my life” and i just look at him with hope, yeah hope for he’s crying again because only cry that can handle this situation but he just staring at me and hug me tigh. and he said “hold me tigh and let’s go get me back to my mom, please.” and i said “do you really feel so sad? hug me and i’ll keep you” and he said “why nobody loves me in this world, no god, no mom, no friend, no food for me, i just get bullyed all of my life. i miss my mother” and i said “ok, let’s go to your home now, i’m gonna give you to your mother tonight” and he cried a lot “i don’t know where’s my home and where’s my mother” my mother gave me to a young girl teacher in my school and then she’s gone until now, it’s about nine years before” and i look at him and said “how old are you?” and he said “i’m 14 for now” And i just starring at him and i said “do you wanna be my bestfriend for now and forever?” he said “no, there’s no friend in the world. i don’t have money, i don’t do a drugs, i don’t give a fuck and i don’t have a education, i am not smart at all, i’m not handsome, i don’t have a car, i don’t have a good style” and i asked him “but stop, for what you have it all?  you are gergeous in my eyes” and he said “that’s my friends told me to become a friends rule” and i just said, “ok, so you have to go now, go away from me” and he said “no, i can’t go without you” you are like  my sister, yeah i hope you want to be my sister in our extraordinary life, and i said yeah this is our life, were together till the end. because we are not friend or best friends or mother or father, we’re just a little family that only sister and little brother here, and for  now i’m understand about “friendship”

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